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EAEP releases Annual Report 2021 highlighting renewed positioning

Brussels, 22 March 2022 – the European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) has released the Annual Report 2021, which outlines the renewed positioning adopted by the Association during the past year.

In its Annual Report 2021, the European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) spells out the activities carried out in 2021 and the main achievements.

Throughout the past year, the EAEP conducted a thorough exercise as to how it would like to position itself and in which specific areas. As an association active in the field of digitalisation, e-commerce, healthcare and sustainability, the EAEP decided to focus primarily, but not exclusively on the following policy areas: Digital Services Act (DSA), European Health Data Space (EHDS), and revision of the Pharmaceutical Legislation. In this sense, the main purpose of the EAEP’s activity has been to engage in the public debate with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure that the online pharmacy sector was heard and its demands were reflected in the new EU and national legal frameworks.

Commenting on the activities carried out in 2021, EAEP President, Stefan Feltens, and Vice-President, Walter Hess, state that “2021 was a year of great progress and our report reflects the actions we have taken in professionalising the Association, strengthening our continuous and open dialogue with policy makers and other stakeholders to recognise legislative changes at an early stage and to introduce our own concepts and positions into the political decision-making process and servicing our ever-growing customer base”.

If you would like to find out more about our positions and activities, please visit our website.

Profile: The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) represents the interests of e-pharmacies on the European continent. More than 20 million customers and patients across Europe are currently being supplied by our members and on top of that, our online pharmacies and their more than 4,000 employees are currently active in eleven European markets. Founded in 2001 as the EAMSP (European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies) and with its name change in February 2021, the EAEP voices its interests mainly with political stakeholders, regional and business actors, with the ultimate aim to improve the health of Europe’s citizens and strengthen the European healthcare system. E-Pharmacies have digitalised the classical pharmacy, and therefore act at the crossroads of digitalisation, healthcare, e-commerce and sustainability. As pioneers in providing digital solutions and our innovative and secure processes in dealing with health data, offering medicinal products and digital healthcare service while complying with national and EU law, the EAEP members continuously seek for ways to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare for Europeans.

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