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As the Association of European E-Pharmacies (EAEP), we represent the interests of our members and safeguard the needs of our members’ patients and customers. We inform the public in a transparent manner, enter into a dialogue with politics, business and market partners and leverage our concepts to strengthen the European healthcare sector and lower costs through digitisation.

The members of the EAEP are pioneers in providing digital solutions that continuously improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare for Europeans.

We combine our members’ voices in position papers and encourage interaction and knowledge sharing.


More than 20 millions of customers across Europe are currently being supplied by our members. Our online pharmacies and their more than 4,000 employees are currently active in eleven European markets.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, our member’ e-pharmacies provided systemically relevant answers to changing customer needs and market conditions.

The European model of supplying customers with pharmaceutical products is reliable and safe.

Online shoppers appreciate transparency, easy processes, cost benefits, delivery to their homes and – last but not least – discreet and high quality pharmaceutical consulting services.

Walter Hess
CEO, DocMorris N.V.
“Wir verstehen uns als europäische Denkfabrik für e-Health-Themen und kombinieren pharmazeutische Expertise mit Innovationskompetenz, um die Führungsposition Europas zu sichern.“
“We see ourselves as the European think tank for e-health issues and combine pharmaceutical expertise with innovation expertise to secure Europe’s leading position in this area.”
“Nous nous considérons comme le groupe de réflexion européen autour des questions liés à l’e-santé et nous combinons une expertise pharmaceutique avec une expertise dans l’innovation pour consolider notre position de leader dans ce secteur en Europe.”
Stefan Feltens
“Wir setzen uns für Arzneimittelsicherheit und eine hohe Qualität in der pharmazeutisch-medizinischen Beratung ein. Die ist nicht nur besonders wertvoll für chronisch Kranke, sondern gibt allen PatientInnen auch Wahlfreiheit für eine sichere Selbstmedikation, die zudem das Gesundheitssystem entlastet.“
“We are committed to pharmaceutical drug safety and high quality pharmaceutical consulting services. This is not just important for chronically ill patients but gives all patients freedom of choice when it comes to safe self-medication, which furthermore lessens the burden on healthcare systems.”
“Nous nous engageons pour la sécurité des produits pharmaceutiques et des services de conseils pharmaceutiques de grande qualité. C’est important non seulement pour les patients souffrant de maladies chroniques, mais cela offre également à tous les patients la liberté de choix pour une auto-médication sûre, ce qui allège en outre le fardeau des systèmes de santé.”
Gianni De Gaspari
Co-founder Viata
“Wir unterstützen den europäischen Weg zur digitalen Transformation und treiben deren Umsetzung voran: Die Digitalstrategie, die Datenstrategie sowie die Nachhaltigkeitsziele der Europäischen Kommission.“
“We support and help build the European path to digital transformation: the European Commission’s digital strategy, its data strategy and its sustainability goals.”
“"Nous soutenons et contribuons au parcours européen vers la transformation numérique : la stratégie numérique de la Commission Européenne, sa stratégie de données et ses objectifs de développement durable."”
Vladimir Finsterle
CEO, Pears Health Cyber s.r.o.
“Gemeinsam dafür sorgen, dass alle Europäer an jedem Ort mit Sicherheit Zugang zu einer hochwertigen Versorgung mit Arzneimitteln haben.“
“Together we ensure that Europeans everywhere have safe access to a high quality supply of medications.”
“Ensemble nous veillons à ce que tous les européens disposent d’un accès sécurisé à un approvisionnement en médicaments de qualité.”

The members of the European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) supply more than 20 million patients and customers across Europe.

They are active in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

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Become a member of the European think tank for e-health issues. The European Association of E-Pharmacies represents its members on both the domestic and the international level. The EAEP’s members already represent a majority of online pharmacy sales in Europe.

Membership also gives you a significant edge in knowledge to further shape the digital transformation of the healthcare system.

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