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EAEP and All Policies for a Healthy Europe join forces to promote citizens’ health & well-being

Brussels, 31 August 2023 – the European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) has officially joined All Policies for a Healthy Europe, with a view to contributing to its mission to put citizens’ health and well-being at the heart of European policy-making.

Healthy Europe’s focus on three pillars, namely environment, digital, and economy, to promote a broad and bold vision for citizens’ health and well-being in Europe, is fully in line with the EAEP’s mission.

All Policies for a Healthy Europe is an intersectoral initiative that brings together a diverse group of NGOs, think-tanks, associations, companies, and individuals. The organisation focuses on strategic clusters that mirror the priorities of the European Union: an Economy that works for people; the European Green Deal; and a Europe fit for the Digital Age, underpinned by Promoting the European Way of Life.

Of crucial importance to the e-pharmacy sector, the EAEP is committed to contributing especially to Healthy Europe’s key work on digital policy, including, among others, the European Health Data Space (EHDS), digital literacy, digital health infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. EAEP and Healthy Europe share the belief that embracing and adopting new technologies and digital solutions in the healthcare systems will have a transformative impact on public health.

If you would like further information on the works of the EAEP, please visit our website. More information about All Policies for a Healthy Europe can be found on their website

Profile: The European Association of E-Pharmacies(EAEP) represents the interests of e-pharmacies on the European continent. The EAEP voices its interests mainly with political stakeholders, regional and business actors, with the ultimate aim to improve the health of Europe’s citizens and strengthen the European healthcare system. E-Pharmacies have digitalised the classical pharmacy, and therefore act at the crossroads of digitalisation, healthcare, e-commerce and sustainability. As pioneers in providing digital solutions and our innovative and secure processes in dealing with health data, offering medicinal products and digital healthcare services while complying with national and EU law, the EAEP members continuously seek ways to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare for Europeans.

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