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eHealth-CardLink: Gematik publishes final specification for a fully digital solution for the redemption of electronic prescriptions in Germany

Brussels, 15 March 2024 – Yesterday, the gematik’s shareholders’ meeting approved the final technical specification for the TI product eHealth-CardLink. The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) welcomes the possibility of redeeming electronic prescriptions fully digitally via the electronic health card (eGK) in future without having to enter an additional PIN.

So far, there have been three ways for insured persons to redeem e-prescriptions at a pharmacy: the token print-out, the gematik e-Rx app and the eGK plug-in solution.

With the introduction of the eHealth-CardLink, a fourth way of redeeming electronic prescriptions is now being implemented. By holding the electronic health card to their own NFC-enabled smartphone, patients can send their prescriptions to the online or local pharmacy of their choice – from any place. The physical presence of the person in the pharmacy is not needed – neither is entering a PIN or a complex identification procedure.

“Finally, CardLink provides all insured persons in Germany with a low-threshold, fully digital option to redeem electronic prescriptions”, comments EAEP President Olaf Heinrich on the decision of the gematik’s shareholders’ meeting. “Thanks to this solution, online pharmacies and their customers are no longer excluded from redeeming e-prescriptions with electronic health cards,” adds Walter Hess, Vice President of the EAEP.

With its mandatory introduction on 1 January 2024, the electronic prescription has successfully been established as the new standard in German pharmaceutical care. The milestone of 100 million redeemed e-prescriptions had already been reached at the beginning of March. The number of doctors’ offices that issue electronic prescriptions is currently around 84 percent[1] – and rising.

The EAEP sees the implementation of eHealth-CardLink as an important milestone for the accelerated digitalisation of the German healthcare system. At the same time, essential benefits of electronic prescriptions – improved adherence as well as time and distance savings for patients through the reduction of media discontinuities and reduced physical visits – can finally be realised in everyday healthcare practices.


About the EAEP

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) represents the voice of e-pharmacies on the European continent. The EAEP promotes its interests mainly with political stakeholders, regional and business actors, with the ultimate aim to improve the health of Europe’s citizens and strengthen the European healthcare system. E-pharmacies have digitalised the classical pharmacy, and therefore act at the crossroads of digitalisation, healthcare, e-commerce and sustainability. As pioneers in digital solutions, the members of the EAEP are dedicated to innovating secure processes for managing health data, delivering medicinal products and facilitating digital healthcare services. Compliant with both national and EU regulations, all members are committed to advancing the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare for all Europeans.


[1] Calculation based on the figures from gematik’s TI dashboard ( in relation to the medical practices in Germany mentioned by the KBV in its facts and figures (

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