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Brussels, 24 April 2024 – the European Association of E-pharmacies (EAEP) warmly welcomes the adoption of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) Regulation by the European Parliament, following the approval of the draft text by the Council of the EU. For the first time in history, an EU law recognises online pharmacies as key actors in the healthcare system, granting access to the newly created EU health data sharing infrastructure and avoiding further discrimination when delivering healthcare services to their patients.


Under the new Regulation, patients will be able to control their personal health data electronically everywhere in the EU. Healthcare professionals will access their patients’ data – electronic health records (EHRs), which will include patient summaries, electronic prescriptions, medical imaging, and laboratory results (known as primary use). With a view to establishing a common health data space, the new rules envisage the mandatory participation for each EU Member State in the MyHealth@EU infrastructure, which will connect national health data access services, enabling among others the cross-border sharing of patients’ health data.

By way of the EHDS, EU institutions have clearly mandated that online pharmacies, as key actors in the healthcare systems, must be allowed to participate in the MyHealth@EU infrastructure (Article 12.6). As a result, no discriminatory treatment at the national level affecting pharmacies operating online will be allowed, and e-pharmacies will finally be able to provide fully-fledged digital healthcare support to their patients, also in a cross-border scenario.

The EAEP President, Olaf Heinrich, says “I am proud that we stood our ground and contributed to securing a future-proof regulatory framework, ensuring that online pharmacies continue to form an integral part of the overall health system”.

Walter Hess, EAEP Vice-President, says “digitalisation is a key aspect of present and future access to healthcare and with the EHDS we will see the full potential of digital solutions unleashed”.


While the implementation of the provisions on patient summary, electronic prescriptions and dispensations spelled out in the EHDS will start to apply as of 2028, the EAEP will continue to advocate for inclusive legislative frameworks that enable patients to conveniently access healthcare anywhere and at any time.

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