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EAEP als Impulsgeber und Thinktank Verband europäischer Online-Apotheken stellt sich neu auf

Brüssel/Berlin, 23.02.2021 – Der führende Verband der europäischen Online-Apotheken hat ein neues Vorstandsteam, einen neuen Namen und einen neuen Außenauftritt....

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The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) welcomes the publication by the European Commission of the long-awaited European Health Data Space (EHDS), which is expected to contribute to tackling existing obstacles and enable the EU to make full use of the potential offered by a safe and secured exchange, use or reuse of health data, including e-prescriptions...

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EAEP releases Annual Report 2021 highlighting renewed positioning

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) has released the Annual Report 2021, which outlines the renewed positioning adopted by the Association during the past year...

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EAEP proposes ad-hoc measures to halt growing sale of counterfeits online

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) has put forward key proposals to address the sale of counterfeit goods online, as part of its feedback to the ongoing public consultation of the European Commission on an EU toolbox against counterfeiting. ...

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EAEP joins call for meaningful measures to tackle illegal products online

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP), together with 85 other industry organisations, companies, and NGOs, urges EU policymakers to ensure that all intermediary service providers – not just online marketplaces – know who their business customers really are...

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EAEP welcomes MedApp as its newest member

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP), which represents Europe’s leading online pharmacies, is delighted to welcome MedApp as new member of the family. MedApp is a Dutch e-pharmacy operating on the Dutch market which is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare and enables patient to buy their Rx online....

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EAEP appoints new Public Affairs Manager

Martino Canonico is the first Public Affairs Manager to assume this post. In his role, based in Brussels, Martino will be dealing with European legislation and policymaking relevant to the online pharmacies sector, to strengthen and accelerate the healthcare sector’s digital transformation. Martino as Public Affairs Manager will steer the advocacy and public affairs activities of EAEP, focusing on digitalisation in healthcare, e-commerce, data and sustainability. He will also closely work with the Board to coordinate internal and external activities aimed at promoting the EAEP and its network across Europe....

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Stefan Feltens new EAEP president

With the start of the new year, Walter Hess, CEO of DocMorris N.V., alternately passed on the EAEP President baton to Stefan Feltens, CEO of SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE. Hess will remain part of the EAEP Board as Vice President. ...

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EAEP welcomes European Commision’s proposal to set up an open, secure and reliable European Health Data Space

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP), which represents Europe’s leading online pharmacies, supports enabling the free, controlled flow of primary health data with the aim of keeping Europeans healthy. The EAEP therefore welcomes the European Commission’s proposal to set up a legal framework for the European Health Data Space (EHDS) (EHDS). A common EHDS will promote better exchange and access to different types of health data such as electronic health records or data from patient registries. It will support healthcare delivery as well as cross-border health research....

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EAEP as a Driving Force and Think Tank European Association of Online Pharmacies Repositions Itself

Brussels/Berlin, 23 February 2021 – The leading association of European online pharmacies has a new board team, a new name and a new external image....

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